Trauma Yoga

For many, the practice of yoga is a modality tool that can help them deal with and heal trauma. Traumas are difficult experiences that impact our ability to cope and live our everyday life.

Understanding Trauma Yoga

Yoga can provide transformative therapies to come back into the body, empowering victims to begin reclaiming their inner experience. BeU trauma-sensitive yoga classes will create comfortable space for survivors of distressing experiences to reconnect to their bodies and their ability to make choices for themselves. Why yoga? Yoga stimulates the core functions of being alive – which is having the ability to breathe, to build up emotional and physical strength, and to make healthy decisions in life.

Trauma can cause overwhelming distress and disturbance. In fact, it leaves a lasting imprint on our brains. The body begins to operate in a constant state of stress. Stimulation of the fight or flight response keeps you constantly vigilant. Often, trauma survivors struggle with regulating their emotions because of nervous system dysfunction.

When You Might Need Yin Yoga


Those who have experienced trauma often feel unsafe in their body.

Nervous System

You have lost the ability to relax because your nervous system is wired for protection at all time.

Inner Self

It might feel impossible to pick yourself back up and continue to live your life.

Results From Trauma Yoga